Roof Longevity: Is There a Type That Lasts Forever?

July 1, 2022

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Not all roofing materials are alike! Not only do shingles and tiles vary in price and appearance, but some last far longer than others. In turn, it’s helpful to know a few basics about roofing options and what makes some more durable than others.

Also, property owners often need help in deciding about roofing materials for their structures. However, choosing the right material means considering more than price alone! To help you pick the best shingle or tile for your structure, check out some basic information about various options. Then you can discuss these choices for durable roofing with a roofing contractor near you as needed.

long lasting asphalt shingles

What Are the Best Roofing Materials Available Today?

Various shingles and tiles all have their own pros and cons. Knowing more about the advantages and disadvantages of top roofing materials can help you decide the best choice for your property!

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used today. These shingles are easy to install and usually the most affordable option. Also, they work well with just about any architectural style or exterior wall color.

The downside to asphalt shingles is that they have the shortest lifespan, often needing replacing after 20 to 25 years. Additionally, these shingles don’t offer the same insulation as other materials. They also risk blowing away in a storm or high winds!

Clay tiles

Genuine clay tiles offer a stunning aesthetic and are a favorite for Mediterranean-style properties. Clay is also very energy-efficient, offering excellent insulating properties. Also, clay is noncombustible, making it a great choice in areas prone to lightning strikes or fires.

However, clay tiles are heavy and need professional insulation. Their traditional appearance might also clash with modern homes. Additionally, clay tiles are often an expensive choice, although they should last 40 to 60 years before needing replacing.

installing metal roofing

Metal roofing

Metal roofing offers a durable surface, able to withstand most hailstorms and lightning strikes. Noncombustible metal is also an excellent choice in areas prone to fires. Also, metal offers outstanding insulating properties and is easy to install over existing roofing, where allowed. Property owners considering rainwater collection should also invest in a metal roof!

On the downside, metal roofing is typically more expensive than most other choices. However, it also lasts some 40 to 75 years if not even longer. In turn, metal offers one of the most durable options available for your property’s roof.

Slate tiles

Slate tiles are prized for their natural aesthetic and texture. Since no two slate tiles are alike, your structure’s roof won’t look monotonous or industrial when you choose slate! Additionally, this natural stone is water-resistant and non-combustible and offers excellent insulation.

Also, consider that slate is easy to recycle and reuse in other projects. On the other hand, most structures need specialty framing to support slate. Moreover, not every roofer offers slate installation so you might need to hire a specialty contractor.

Slate is one of the most expensive roofing options available today. It’s even costlier when you factor in that added framing and specialty contractor. Some property owners find it’s worth the cost, as slate can last 50 to even 100 years or more.

cedar shake roofing fort wayne

Wood shingles and shakes

Wood roofing offers a rustic appearance that many property owners love. Shingles, cut by a machine, provide a more uniform look than handmade shakes. Both coordinate well with cabin-style homes or you might choose them for barns and other outbuildings.

While wood often looks stunning, it also tends to need replacing after only 25 to 30 years. Also, wood roofing might host mold, rot, or split. Additionally, some areas prohibit wood roofs due to fire hazards!

Can a Roof Last 100 Years?

A slate, clay, or metal roof can last 100 years depending on its quality and how well you maintain that roof. For example, it’s vital that property owners schedule regular inspections, to repair damaged connectors and clips. Also, have your structure’s roof cleaned regularly! Bird droppings, soot, pollution residues, and other debris often damage roofs prematurely.

Additionally, avoid walking on your roof as this puts wear and tear on shingles and tiles. Above all, invest in professional installation and repairs! Poor-quality fixes might result in water damage, decking wood rot, and other costly issues. In turn, you might take years off the roof’s expected lifespan by trying to fix it yourself.

What Type of Roof Lasts Longest?

Naturally strong and dense slate usually lasts longer than other materials but note that metal is also very durable! In fact, some roofers estimate that metal roofs can last 100 years or more, just like slate. In turn, a slate or metal roof can be the last one you buy for your property.

On the other hand, both slate and metal are often the most expensive. Consequently, you might consider your budget as well as durability! Also, consider how long you expect to be in a home. If you might move in the next decade, a quality shingle roof is probably sufficient.

Lifetime Shingles: What You Need to Know

Lifetime shingles are not shingles that last as long as a property owner or the home itself! Instead, a lifetime guarantee usually refers to the lifespan of a property’s roofing materials. This often includes the roof decking or the plywood to which shingles get nailed. Decking might last 25 to 30 years before it needs repair or replacing.

Also, note that many manufacturers and shingle installers limit that “lifetime” guarantee to 25, 30, or 35 years. In turn, you will still need to replace those shingles after a few decades. However, your guarantee ensures they stay strong and in good condition during that time!

The Fort Wayne Roofers is happy to bring this information about roofing materials to our readers. We hope you found it helpful! If it’s time for repairs or a new roof, call our Fort Wayne roofing contractors. We offer FREE inspections and price quotes, and fast response times for emergency repairs. Additionally, we stand behind all our work with a full guarantee. To find out more, just give us a call!


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