5 Warning Signs You Require Roof Repair in Fort Wayne (Your Quick Guide)

November 11, 2022

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Of all the home improvements you make regularly, the roof is probably one that you overlook the most. It's a part of the house that you usually take for granted because you don't see it very often. And many of the problems that arise from the roof don't start to show until there is severe damage present. Here are some warning signs that you may see if you need roof repair in Fort Wayne.

Do You Require Roof Repair in Fort Wayne? (Signs to Look For)


1. There Are Shingles Missing

If your roof is visible from your curb, then you may have noticed that there are shingles missing. While it may be tempting to dismiss this as something small or insignificant, this small opening can lead to major damage and major financial problems with your roof over the long term. Therefore, if you notice that there are shingles missing from your roof, it is a good idea to contact your local will repair company to replace these missing shingles. Replacing a few shingles will continue to provide the protection necessary to protect your rule and we'll cost only a few hundred dollars. Allowing this opening to remain in your room could lead to major roof repair which could cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

2. Moss Is Growing In Certain Areas

As you approached your home while driving your car or you've blown leaves off the roof in fall, you may have noticed small pockets of green moss growing on your roof. While this may be a minor problem, it could lead to major damage. When you see such greenery, even in small amounts, you shouldn’t ignore it. the green that you're seeing is Moss which is a living microorganism that shoots its the roots into the wood decking of the roof. As a result, it will start to grow like a plant and puts the shingles of your roof away from the decking, leaving the decking vulnerable to leaks and wood rot. So, if you notice this, even in its minor stages it is a good idea to address it.

Usually, you can fix such problems by having a professional pressure washing company to wash way the dirt, grime and moss from the roof. If this problem is continues, it may mean that your roof is consistently under attack by moisture which could cause the moss and other microorganisms to grow bac. Some pressure washing companies will provide a copper stripping on your roof to help manage the problem with moss.

On the other hand, if the moss has already started causing damage with a few of your shingles, it may be a good idea to fix the shingles right away.

moss on roof shingles fort wayne

3. You Notice Water Stains on the Interior of Your Home

Another clear sign that you need the number for repair in Fort Wayne is that you have noticed water stains forming on the ceilings of your home. While such stains will be prevalent in your attic ceiling, they may also be present on other ceilings in your home. Unfortunately, if the leak has come through your attic and to another level of your home, this could indicate that there is severe roof damage present that is causing water to pool into your house. In some instances, the pair still may be minor. However, if the damage is major, it may require replacement.

4. The Flashing Is Rusting or Damaged

Flashing is typically installed in areas of your roof where they meet eight corners or or skylights are installed. Over time a flashing can become rusted or it could crack. as a result it's less effective in keeping water from seeping into the points of your roof where it joins. This could lead to minor roof leaks which over time can cause major damage and costly repairs. Rusted flashing is not always something that is easy to detect by the untrained eye. However, if there is water damage around your skylights or water stains present on your ceilings, it is a good chance that the flashing on your roof is worn. According to Home Advisor, this damage, on average, can cost between $200 and $500 to repair.

5. Gutters Aren’t Pooling Water Away From The House

Another important sign that you need roof repair is if your gutters aren't pooling water away from the house. When rainwater or some other form of precipitation onto your home, the roof shingles and gutter help keep it from remaining on the roof. If your gutter is clogged or has holes in it, the water may not drain properly away from the house. This could start to damage the facia on your roof and may even cause damage to your foundation. You can clean your gutters to remove the dirt and grime to allow water to flow freely. However, if there are openings in your gutter, you may need gutter repair to prevent major damage to your home.

gutters pooling water in fort wayne

Do you suspect that there is something wrong with your roof and you may need repairs? It may be a good idea to have a reputable roof repair company to inspect your roof and provide a free estimate for repairs. One such company is The Fort Wayne Roofers. For over 20 years, we’ve provided outstanding roofing services in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. Call (260) 286-9400 today to learn more about how we can assist you with your roofing issues.

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